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Our Story

WhyBlueSky evolved from the Children’s University Foundation, which for the last 10 years has organized educational live events for very curious kids. These events feature scientists, experts in various fields, and artists - role-model “change-makers” - who naturally understand children’s curiosity: they help children to find answers to their questions in hands-on workshops and/or TED-like talks.

Our curiosity-driven approach has turned out to be very successful: we’ve watched kids grow, develop their “ability to wonder why” and get ready for life. Over the years, the University has grown from 300 to 30 000 engaged young participants. Is that a lot? Well - yes and no. There are over 2 billion children in the world - at WhyBlueSky, we have dared to dream big about reaching them all! We have packed our experience into online resources, made them user-friendly and offered them to elementary school teachers.
Our story
Meet the ever-curious team:
Agata Wilam
Agata Wilam
Agata is a founder of the Childrens University Foundation, which for the last 10 years has organized weekly live educational events for very curious K-8 students (over 30 000 "graduates" up to 2016). TEDx speaker.
Aga Napora
Aga Napora
author of the K-5 curriculum, trainer in global reading, mnemotechnics and mind mapping. She works with kids (age 4-13) and their parents to unlock the children’s full learning potential.
Ewa Golik
Ewa Golik
Career counsellor,
career coach and trainer in soft skills competencies. Ewa is a WhyBlueSky "director of teachers’ happiness" - she translates teachers’ needs into time-saving web solutions.
Marta Przywara
Marta Przywara
A former K-8 teacher, Marta now writes and directs theatre plays for kids. She makes sure that the WhyBlueSky content triggers the curiosity of digital natives. Marta supervises the methodology and "flow" of every lesson.


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