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Grades: 2,3,4,5
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Can I Do More in a Team?


Get curious

10 min
Movement game (10 min)

Together the students form a centipede that must move in a coordinated way.

The students stand in a single file. Their task is to make their way together from one end of the classroom to the other.

Source of the picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNSS8D5mNYM

3 min
Conclusions (3 min)

Talk with the students about their experience of collaboration when they played “centipede”.

You can ask: 

  • Why was your “centipede” able to move?
  • What was the most difficult thing about this game? 
  • When did your centipede move best? 
  • How did you make sure all the members of your group were safe? 
  • Why was this important?

Get ready for Qs

Get going

4 min
Movement game (4 min)

The students form a bridge that will enable them to cross a “river”.

The floor is the river that the students can only get across by standing on the bridge built out of sheets of paper. They learn that some tasks can only be performed as a team.
3 min
Conclusions (3 min)

The students share their experiences of working together in a team and draw conclusions.

You can ask the students: 

  • How did you manage to get to the other bank? 
  • Were you able to do it with just one sheet of paper? 
  • What problems did you have when you tried to do this exercise? 
  • What conclusions can we draw from this?

Get ready for Qs
20 min
Constructing (20 min)

Teams build a structure that will allow the egg to land safely.

Students build special protection for eggs from available materials. The egg placed in the structure can not break down after impact with the ground.

Source of the picture: http://www.sp1konin.wikom.pl/?url=aktualnosci/projekty/216,a,kompetencje-na-szostke-jak-wspolnie-zapracowac-na-sukces.html

5 min
Presenting results (5 min)

The students test their constructions.

Once the students have done the project, arrange several sheets of newspapers to secure the floor. Then invite all groups to the center of the room to make the egg drop.
In the next step, all teams in turns drop the structure from a previously determined altitude, for example 2 meters.
Then, they check if their egg survived the impact with the floor.
Tell students to dismantle their structure gently no to damage the eggs.

Get practicing


The students fill out an Exit ticket – they write down or draw a picture of the most important thing they have learnt from today’s class.

Exit ticket

Get ready

The objective of the class is to integrate a group and show the values of teamwork The lesson can be conducted with a group that already knows each other, or with a new class, e.g., at the beginning of the school year.

Get Curious

Movement game: Centipede

Get Going

Movement game: Bridge

Constructing: Tower building
For each team of students:

Get Practicing


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Life Skills:

  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Creative problem-solving


Authors: Anna Pactwa (the Centipede and Bridge games), Katarzyna Kulwicka-Durmowicz (Domino, Tower Building)
Methodology: Katrzyna Nowicka, Katarzyna Mrozowska, Marta Przywara
Translation: Jason Lowther
Producer: Marta Przywara


This is a modified version of a lesson plan created by the Children’s University Foundation under the CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Can I Do More in a Team?
Students play a team game in which they pretend to be a centipede, try to cross a “river” with the help of sheets of paper and together build a structure that will allow the egg to land safely.


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